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Helping Moms in Need

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

It's no secret that over the past 7,000 weeks of quarantine I've been struggling. All you need to see is my face in a tiny box in your zoom meeting: puffy eyes, puffy face, new frown lines, new gray hairs. When I hear the statistics about how many thousands of people we have lost to this virus, I want to wretch.

For as challenging and draining as my days are, I remember that I am still fortunate to have a job, that we are a two-income family, and that (knock wood) we are all in good health. I cannot imagine doing this on my own (shout out to my single parent friends), nor can I imagine doing this single-handedly without income. I think about these privileges every time I lose my temper with the kids or become unglued because I just need a minute of peace.

For this reason, my non-profit, Roc The Mic, is partnering with Simone Gordon,

Simone Gordon is The Black Fairy Godmother who is gaining national attention for her indefatigable work helping women in need.

who goes by @theblackfairygodmother on Instagram. Simone has mobilized thousands of people to help thousands of women--mainly minority, LGBTQ, and survivors of domestic violence--most of them single mothers, some of them single mothers of children with disabilities--in desperate times. You can read more about Simone's story in People magazine; and even if you don't, you'll know immediately upon visiting her Facebook or Insta pages that she is 100% ANGEL on EARTH.

If you are financially able, and you have been practicing your gratitude for every small blessing, please consider visiting this page. Here, you'll be directed to the Amazon Wish Lists of beautiful moms, such as the women below, who are struggling so hard that they or their families have reached out to Simone for help. Choose one--or two, or three-- have a look at their lists, and see what you're able to help out with. You also have the option to help other mothers by visiting her website.

Georgina's family says that she is "an outstanding woman who needs a fresh start." A mother to seven kids (you read that right), Georgina's one wish is to have a couch on which she can enjoy her family's company. The rest is just icing on a Mother's Day cake.

pink-gloved hands making a heart
click above to view items on Vonnie P.'s wish list

Vonnie is mother to three beautiful kids and recently lost her job due to the pandemic. Recently divorced, Vonnie is navigating single parenting while unemployed: her wish list includes gift cards for groceries.

blue gloved hands create a heart text click here
click above to view Tia's wish list

Tia is an essential worker and a single mom of two kids. She needs a laptop for her kids to be able to keep up with their school work. Pretty selfless Mother's Day gift; let's make it happen. Please contact for shipping details.

These are Mother's Day wishes you're helping The Black Fairy Godmother to grant true for beautiful mamas. Thank you in advance for supporting Women, supporting Mothers, and spreading Kindness!

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